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"Things are going great … got the new bathrooms in, new floor, lots of improvements and things are now on track thanks to you! Things couldn’t be better! Without your help we would be in an apartment right now and would have lost not only our home but our dogs, as well."

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Live Long and Prosper

David Hamilton May 29th, 2013

I’ve been reflecting on my own personal path over the last few years and thought I’d share some of it with you. In September 2009, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Forty-seven years old and I thought my time was up. Six weeks later, I had major surgery to remove a chunk of my big Read more…

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Mixed Housing Market Signals – Where is it all Heading?

David Hamilton August 12th, 2013

For analysts, let along homebuyers, trying to follow where the housing market is heading these days is an exercise in speculation, doom and gloom, uncertainty, and wishful thinking. The signals in and around housing are contrary to each other, and these mixed messages suggest that no one really knows what can happen. So let’s look Read more…

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What happens if my client is able to secure a new mortgage mid-term?

Since the purpose of the program is to allow clients to secure their own mortgage, Cardinal is flexible regarding an early program exit. We must consider our costs with respect to discharging the mortgage early – along with other administrative fees – but if the client is able to cover these, then we are willing to adjust the new purchase price and move forward with the early exit.

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