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"I appreciate all of your efforts that led to this moment and already I’m planning on a course to rid myself of enough debt. Thank you so very much for your services...the weight I had been feeling upon my shoulders is decreasing by the minute."

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Finding the Creative Solution

David Hamilton September 14th, 2013

Too often, we give up too soon. Remember back in high school when you were faced with that math problem that you just couldn’t get? You tried a couple of things that didn’t work, and then you just gave up. That’s what we do. As a mortgage broker, you’re in the business of finding a Read more…

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Making Decisions Without All The Information

David Hamilton September 13th, 2013

Frequently in the mortgage business, brokers, investors and lenders are required to make lending decisions even though they don’t have all the information to make the best-informed decision. Nobody wants to screw up, so quite often a lender or investor will simply say “no” to a potential opportunity. This is the fear-driven choice to make. Read more…

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How is the client’s repurchase price at the end of the term calculated?

The price that the client will pay at the end of the term is determined and agreed-to upfront. We use an annual market appreciation when determining the future price, which includes the rate of inflation and local conditions

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