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"I appreciate all of your efforts that led to this moment and already I’m planning on a course to rid myself of enough debt. Thank you so very much for your services...the weight I had been feeling upon my shoulders is decreasing by the minute."

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Managing Your Investments in Retirement

David Hamilton May 30th, 2013

One of the benefits of low inflation is low borrowing rates, and when you’re just starting out or busy working in your career, these low rates are fantastic. They help you afford your home and your car, and reduce the cost of borrowing on any number of consumer goods. But those rates that are a Read more…

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There Are No Sure Things

David Hamilton October 8th, 2013

Pulling a refinance deal together is a lot of work. For everyone. Not only is the family in the home under a lot of stress, but all of the people involved in getting the refinance done have to do more work than they otherwise normally would. And then, even when you think everything’s coming together Read more…

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How does Cardinal ensure the client is working towards repairing their credit?

Several steps are taken. First, we have the option to obtain a credit report every 12 months. Second, the client is strongly encouraged to use the equity they get from the sale of their house to pay off their consumer debts. Third, we strongly encourage the client to continue working with their broker and to access credit counseling services to help give them the tools they need.

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