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"I appreciate all of your efforts that led to this moment and already I’m planning on a course to rid myself of enough debt. Thank you so very much for your services...the weight I had been feeling upon my shoulders is decreasing by the minute."

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Settling for “Average”

David Hamilton August 25th, 2013

Today, this is one of those blogs that reaches out a little bit from our small world of refinancing and investing to challenge you to become more than what you are. I’m not talking about gaining super powers or becoming a Harrison Bergeron in your neighbourhood, by the way. I’m talking about a very simple Read more…

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Why Cardinal Doesn’t Invest in Condos

David Hamilton August 29th, 2013

It seems to me that everyone has an opinion on the Canadian housing market, and they are as divergent as any kind of market predictions we encounter. The latest interesting points of view on the mysterious housing bubble in Canada comes from the Financial Post. And these remind us of why Cardinal does not offer Read more…

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What kind of investment funds does Cardinal require?

Cardinal requires funds typically in the range of $50,000+ for a 3-year term. Funds can be non-registered or registered.

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