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"The mortgage broker helped me not to lose optimism. She introduced me to Cardinal ... who helped me. I feel like I am the owner again. I feel like I found a friend. In business we need reliable people, and I am sure that you are exactly such people."

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What the Latest CMHC Program Changes Really Mean

David Hamilton August 7th, 2013

On August 6, 2013, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced it was restricting the amount of funds the big banks can use to insure high-ratio mortgages. But what does this really mean, and why would the government Crown Corporation announce this in the middle of vacation season? Let’s take a look at the Read more…

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The Mortgage Broker’s Role in Cardinal Refinancing

David Hamilton September 4th, 2013

We’ve talked a lot over the past couple of months about the importance of finding a solid investment and how Cardinal offers double-digit returns secured by real assets through its second mortgage opportunities. Today, I want to speak a little bit about the role of the mortgage broker in the Refinance Program. When a homeowner Read more…

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Is Cardinal Home Investments a licensed Mortgage Broker?

No. Cardinal Home Investments acts as a conduit between licensed mortgage brokers and their clients seeking refinancing.

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