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"Things are going great … got the new bathrooms in, new floor, lots of improvements and things are now on track thanks to you! Things couldn’t be better! Without your help we would be in an apartment right now and would have lost not only our home but our dogs, as well."

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Understanding Purchase Options in Refinancing

David Hamilton September 7th, 2013

When a mortgage broker tries to get a client’s home refinanced, lenders take a look at the client’s income, debts, property value, outstanding mortgages and so on. Then, if their credit report is good, they can refinance or remortgage the property in order for the client to pull equity out of their home. But when Read more…

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Can I buy Properties with No Money Down in Canada?

David Hamilton June 4th, 2013

Is it really possible to buy any property anywhere in Canada with no money down? And just what do these “gurus” mean by “no money down”? Well, let’s take a look at the underlying concept of no money down and evaluate whether it’s something the average small investor can do. First of all, many of Read more…

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How much does it cost the client in upfront fees?

Cardinal charges a reasonable service fee for the program. Normally, the only other fee your client will pay upfront is the cost of an appraisal and house inspection.

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