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We made it a year! They say the first year is the toughest... We are very appreciative of everything you have done for us. Everybody needs help sometimes, and it's hard to find someone willing. We are thankful that you took a chance on us!"

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Foreclosure Finality – or Financial Fitness?

David Hamilton June 18th, 2013

Like me, you’ve probably heard that more and more Canadian families today are facing foreclosure. They face the very real possibility of losing their homes, hard earned equity and experiencing serious damage to their financial credibility. Many times this is a result of unfortunate timing; health issues, a change in family status or delays in Read more…

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Understanding Purchase Options in Refinancing

David Hamilton September 7th, 2013

When a mortgage broker tries to get a client’s home refinanced, lenders take a look at the client’s income, debts, property value, outstanding mortgages and so on. Then, if their credit report is good, they can refinance or remortgage the property in order for the client to pull equity out of their home. But when Read more…

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What happens to the Purchase Option Credit if the client fails to repurchase ?

If a client does not complete the conditions of the Refinance Program agreement (i.e. they do not maintain their lease payments) they forfeit the Purchase Option Credit.

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