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"You don’t know what a weight you have lifted off of my shoulders at this time… we love this home, and I was so worried we would lose it! Saying Thank You just doesn’t seem enough! "

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The Great Real Estate Bubble Burst: Was That It?

David Hamilton June 13th, 2013

Remember all those doom and gloom stories about an imminent burst in the real estate market bubble? Homeowners were worried about losing 20% of their home equity? And do you remember how all of a sudden, real estate appraisals and mortgage commitments took into account these apparent reductions in home values? Well, perhaps because of Read more…

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Thoughts Become Things

David Hamilton September 23rd, 2013

Have you ever noticed sometimes you might be thinking of an old friend you haven’t heard from in a long time, and then your phone rings and it’s them? Is that simply coincidence, or is there something else going on… something we cannot see or understand but know is there? I’m convinced that thoughts can Read more…

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What will the investment funds be used for?

Investment funds cover the down payment, closing costs, and related broker and consultant fees in the Refinance Program.

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