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"The mortgage broker helped me not to lose optimism. She introduced me to Cardinal ... who helped me. I feel like I am the owner again. I feel like I found a friend. In business we need reliable people, and I am sure that you are exactly such people."

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Bringing Passion to Your Work

David Hamilton September 22nd, 2013

Our mission at Cardinal is to keep families in their homes. We accomplish this by working with a dedicated network of professionals across the country. Like anything worth doing, sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we can help a family out; sometimes we can’t. But the one thing that is consistent Read more…

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Can I Still Invest in Real Estate?

David Hamilton October 22nd, 2013

  For the small investor, real estate has always had an attraction. Most of us understand how it works – at least on a basic level – because we’ve purchased our own homes before. Unlike many alternative investment products (art, gemstones, comic books!), we “get” real estate. But with the markets in flux and banks Read more…

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Does Cardinal offer fair market value when purchasing the client’s home?

Yes. Cardinal offers to pay the appraised value, as confirmed by the lending institution on the first mortgage.

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