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"I appreciate all of your efforts that led to this moment and already I’m planning on a course to rid myself of enough debt. Thank you so very much for your services...the weight I had been feeling upon my shoulders is decreasing by the minute."

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The Great Real Estate Bubble Burst: Was That It?

David Hamilton June 13th, 2013

Remember all those doom and gloom stories about an imminent burst in the real estate market bubble? Homeowners were worried about losing 20% of their home equity? And do you remember how all of a sudden, real estate appraisals and mortgage commitments took into account these apparent reductions in home values? Well, perhaps because of Read more…

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Why Cardinal Doesn’t Do Rent To Own

David Hamilton July 17th, 2013

We often get asked whether we do rent to own deals for clients who don’t have a sufficient down payment saved up but want to live in the home of their dreams. “Rent to Own” is a term applied to an agreement that features a Lease with an Option to Purchase. The way it works Read more…

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How does the Cardinal Refinance Program work?

Cardinal has designed a careful qualification process. People who are unable to qualify for mortgage financing sell their homes to Cardinal selected investors, lease it back for a three year period and repurchase their home at an up front agreed-to price after re-establishing their financial stability.

Equity that exists in the home is leveraged to reduce the purchase price and therefore the lease payments for the client. In addition, a minimum of 12 months of lease payments are held in reserve.

While Cardinal does not offer credit counseling, we can recommend clients to accredited debt-reduction specialists. After three years, the client can secure their own mortgage and buy their home back from Cardinal at the agreed-to price.

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