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" After several months of desperate searches and bitter refusals from banks and private lenders, I was introduced to Cardinal... Not only did I get hope, I got my house back, I got my life back and I am thankful to this company and its amazing staff...their service is fast and reliable."

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Anyone Can Make a Mistake

David Hamilton September 24th, 2013

We make mistakes all the time. Some are little and some, unfortunately, are massive. But it’s not the mistake itself that is lasting or significant in the grand scheme of the universe. It’s what happens after we make a mistake that is important. Best thing to do? Own it. Be honest about what’s happened. Stop Read more…

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Thoughts Become Things

David Hamilton September 23rd, 2013

Have you ever noticed sometimes you might be thinking of an old friend you haven’t heard from in a long time, and then your phone rings and it’s them? Is that simply coincidence, or is there something else going on… something we cannot see or understand but know is there? I’m convinced that thoughts can Read more…

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How does the Cardinal Refinance Program work?

Cardinal has designed a careful qualification process. People who are unable to qualify for mortgage financing sell their homes to Cardinal selected investors, lease it back for a three year period and repurchase their home at an up front agreed-to price after re-establishing their financial stability.

Equity that exists in the home is leveraged to reduce the purchase price and therefore the lease payments for the client. In addition, a minimum of 12 months of lease payments are held in reserve.

While Cardinal does not offer credit counseling, we can recommend clients to accredited debt-reduction specialists. After three years, the client can secure their own mortgage and buy their home back from Cardinal at the agreed-to price.

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