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"Cardinal is a unique mortgage investment opportunity in that not only does it provide outstanding security investments for investors but it serves a dual purpose of helping Canadians stay in their homes. It's just terrific to see a company that has a model where both the investor and the client win."

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Real Estate Wealth – the non-sexy way

David Hamilton June 6th, 2013

Today I want to share with you a really simple way to make excellent returns from real estate with minimal headaches… in fact, no headaches at all. You will never have to manage properties or clients or worry about market conditions or anything like that. But I’ll warn you right now: there is nothing exciting Read more…

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Fixing a Hole in the Social Safety Net

David Hamilton July 15th, 2013

Reading a recent article in the National Post by Conrad Black about the decline of democracies1, I was reminded that we often confuse “decline” and “end-of-the-world-ism” with what is really going on: transition. Some Boomers like to rail on the decadence and sense of entitlement displayed by younger people today, claiming that society as a Read more…

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What happens if the client cannot get a mortgage at the end of the term?

The client would then forfeit the Purchase Option Credit and be unable to repurchase their home. The home is then sold by Cardinal and the investor’s principal investment is returned.

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